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Featured edited works in Legal Anthropology

The Anthropological Literature e-resource contains articles from edited works, many which deal with law and anthropology. Click on the link below to view a small sample of titles that have been indexed that focus on this branch of anthropology.
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Featured journals in Legal Anthropology

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Below is a list of selected journal titles in legal anthropology meant to illustrate the breadth of coverage in Anthropological Literature. It is only a representative sample. For a complete list of currently indexed journal titles, please click on the « Currently Indexed Journals » tab.

Allpanchis  Indexed 1969-1993
American Indian quarterly  Indexed 1974-
Anales de antropología  Indexed 1964-
Anthropologie et sociétés  Indexed 1977-
Canadian journal of native studies  Indexed 1981-
Cuadernos del sur   Indexed 2003-
Enquête  Indexed 1996-1998
Ibero-amerikanisches Archiv  Indexed 1930-2000
International journal of cultural property  Indexed 1992-
Law & anthropology  Indexed 1987-
Law & society review  Indexed 1969-1991
Man and life   Indexed 1975-
Political and legal anthropology review : PoLar  Indexed 1998-
Recherches amérindiennes au Québec  Indexed 1971-

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