CALL : CfP for the Penal « Archive, Promise, and the Future in African Contexts »

CfP for the Penal « Archive, Promise, and the Future in African Contexts » at the African Studies Association in Germany (VAD e.V.)

Conference, 27-30 June 2018 in Leipzig, Germany.

Deadline for handing in abstracts is (already) November, 30th 2017 via this link:

Penal Outline:

This panel addresses the relation between promise, archive, and the future, and how the archive forms memory and creates a tension between the past and the living present, the past and the future, and between the actual and the virtual in African contexts. The structure of the archive not only preserves but shapes memory and is always future-oriented. As Derrida explains in Archive Fever: “the archivization produces as much as it records the event.” We are interested in how the archive embraces contradictory experiences of irredeemable losses in the past and the future hope. In African contexts, the archive continues to remain instrumental in bringing to the fore these contradictory experiences and at the same time lies in the ‘experience of the promise.’

We are specifically interested in promises and well as challenges of the archive in regard to access to the past, the forming of memory and imagination of history, postcolonial and decolonial knowledge practices, the establishment of evidence and facts, the workings of denial and denunciations based on archival work and its prospect of comparison, the possibilities and limits of practices of critique.
Contributions should trace some of the connections and disconnections, conceptions and misconceptions, access and exclusion regarding knowledge and comparison in relation to archival practices. Specific interest will be paid to forms of organization, writing, technologies of inscription, laws, everyday practices and narratives that accompany the archive and its quest toward memory making, knowledge preservation, but also ignorance, denial, or forgetting.

Stefanie Bognitz (University of Halle-Wittenberg)
Fazil Moradi (University of Halle-Wittenberg)

Contact :
Stefanie Bognitz, PhD Fellow

Research Network Law, Organisation, Science and Technology
Chair of Prof Dr Richard Rottenburg
Department for Social Anthropology and Philosophy
Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology
University of Halle
Reichardtstraße 11
06114 Halle


Forthcoming publication:

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