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Indigenous Peoples’ Day, celebrated on October 8, is being adopted as an official holiday in many cities and institutions across the United States to honor Native Americans. In recognition, Berghahn Journals is featuring the related special section from Environment and Society and offering free access to the following articles* about indigenous cultures of the world until October 15. 

With best wishes, Berghahn Journals

ENVIRONMENT AND SOCIETY (Vol. 9)Indigenous Resurgence, Decolonization, and Movements for Environmental Justice

Fighting Invasive Infrastructures: Indigenous Relations against Pipelines
Anne Spice

Mino-Mnaamodzawin: Achieving Indigenous Environmental Justice in Canada
Deborah McGregor

Russia’s ‘Other Ummah’: From ‘Ethnic Shi’ism’ to Ideological Movement?Bruno De Cordier
Anthropological Journal of European Cultures(Vol. 27, Issue 1)

Legal Pluralism, Forest Conservation, and Indigenous Capitalists: The Case of the Kalanguya in Tinoc, the Philippines
Adrian AlbanoEls van Dongen and Shinya Takeda
Nature and Culture (Vol. 10, Issue 1)

Dialogical Relationships and the Bear in Indigenous Poetry
Stephan Dudeck
Sibirica(Vol. 17, Issue 2)

Freeing the ‘Aboriginal Individual’: Deconstructing ‘Development as Freedom’ in Remote Indigenous Australia 
Hannah Bulloch and William Fogarty
Social Analysis(Vol. 60, Issue 3)

Women’s Rights and Sovereignty/Autonomy: Negotiating Gender in Indigenous Justice Spaces
Shannon SpeedMaría Teresa SierraLynn StephenJessica Johnson and Heike Schaumberg
Journal of Legal Anthropology (Vol. 1, Issue 3)

Aguinda v. Texaco Inc.: Expanding Indigenous « Expertise »: Beyond Ecoprimitivism
Veronica Davidov
Journal of Legal Anthropology (Vol. 1, Issue 2)

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