Journal of legal anthropology – spring 2018

Journal of Legal Anthropology

 SPRING 2018 



Bringing into view – knowledge fields and socio-legal phenomena


Narmala Halstead, University of Sussex

From Hope to §3-1: Legal Selves and Imaginaries in the Wake of Substance Treatment Reform in Norway

Aleksandra Bartoszko, Oslo Metropolitan University

Life at a tangent to law: regulations, ‘mistakes’ and personhood amongst Kigali’s motari

Will Rollason, Brunel University London

Cutting the Face: Kinship, State, and Social Media Conflict in Networked Jordan

Geoffrey Fitzgibbon Hughes

London School of Economics and Political Science

Sentimentalizing Persons and Things: Creating Normative Arrangements of Bodies through Courtroom Talk

Jonas Bens, Freie Universität Berlin


Cosmopolitan politesse: Goodness, justice, civil society

Nigel Rapport, University of St Andrews

Reflections on Cosmopolitan Politesse with perspectives from Papua New Guinea

Eric Hirsch, Brunel University London

Justice, loyalty and cosmopolitan politesse in Mauritius

Thomas Hylland Eriksen, University of Oslo

Between the devil and the deep blue sea: A response to Rapport’s ‘Cosmopolitan politesse’

Marilyn Strathern, University of Cambridge

Forum Response

Nigel Rapport, University of St Andrews

Review Article

Love is love: The recent Jason Jones judgement in Trinidad and Tobago

Dylan Kerrigan

University of West Indies

Book Reviews