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Book : Law Reform in Plural Societies

Law Reform in Plural Societies

Lalotoa Mulitalo Ropinisone Silipa Seumanutafa

 Law Reform in Plural Societies. The World of Small States, vol 2. Springer, Cham

Print ISBN 978-3-319-65523-9


In England, Australia and Canada, there are records of early attempts to establish law reform machinery dating as far back as the fifteenth century. The systematic process of law reform achieved in the nineteenth century was in the form of temporary and part time law reform commissions. The first formal body established to carry out law reform was the 1934 Law Revision Committee in England appointed by Lord Chancellor Sankey. The institutional Law Commission was established under the Law Commission Act of 1975 to be an independent and permanent office staffed by lawyers and support staff. The early literature on law reform offers useful insights for this book on how the forces of government, the bureaucracy and civil society transform law reform machineries and agencies at a given place and time.

  • First ever to investigate suitable law reform processes for pluralist societies
  • Discusses how a ‘local jurisprudence’ could support law reform
  • Examines codification and restatement in law reform
  • Addresses legal transplants and law reform
  • Describes customary law and state law – accommodation through law reform